Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes

Temps d’M 2024

Temps d’M is the inter-festival event that takes place in September on even-numbered years. This year it runs from 18 to 22 September and features ESNAM (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts de la Marionnette – Margareta Niculescu).

Temps d’M in tandem

This Temps d’M 2024 has a very special flavour! Firstly, and for the first time, it is being co-organised by the Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes and the Institut International de la Marionnette. It heralds the coming together of these two organisations, which will merge into a single International Puppet Centre in January 2025.

Temps d’M this year is also about promoting the teaching provided by ESNAM, which is the envy of the world. With a view to making Temps d’M “the” future meeting place for students and graduates of puppetry schools from all over the world, the 2024 programme puts the spotlight on ESNAM and the graduates of its 13 classes.

13 shows, 4 Hybridités (artistic experiments), a Super Barionnette (8 shows in 4 bars in the city), a total of 66 performances! As well as 2 construction workshops, an exhibition, a Bal des promos and other surprises… We’ll also be delighted to welcome students from the Kharkiv Puppet Theatre Academy in Ukraine for the 3rd time.
Programme and bookings open: June 2024

School programme

School bookings for Temps d’M 2024 are now open. Below you’ll find the programme of shows, sorted by cycle, and the pre-booking form.

School programme and pre-booking form