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Hervé Dapremont

Launched during Temps d’M in September 2022, the Barionnettes are an opportunity to discover puppetry throughout the year in Charleville-Mézières. A regular event during which puppeteers perform in the city’s bars.

Friday 9 June 2023: *Super*barionnette

at 6.30 pm in the city centre:

Le Vert d’Eau: Opus 1
Chez Josette: Opus 2
La Bourbonnade : Opus 4 (La Mue/tte)

at 7.30 pm gathering at Place Ducale, departure by bike to La Macérienne:

from 8.30 pm at La Macérienne :

8.30pm at La Forge : Opus 1
9pm at La Verrière : Opus 2
9:30 pm at the Forge : Opus 4 (La Mue/tte)
10pm at la Verrière : Opus 3

Opus 1 :
ESNAM – Ruin : by Marina De Munck and Melody Shanty Mahe / tabletop puppet / 10min
ESNAM – Non je ne regrette rien : by Maxence Moulin  and Luana Montabonel / Kokoschka / 15min

Opus 2 :
ESNAM – Bringue Dingue : by Inès Dill-Camara andRaphaël Dupuy / 15 min
ESNAM – Singing in the rain : by Inès Dill-Camara and Kahina Abderrahmani / bag puppets / 5min
ESNAM – Voorpret : by Julie Gouverne and Gurvan Grall  / muppets head / 10min

Opus 3 :
ESNAM – Canicas : by Inès Dill-Camara, Lucas Sivignon, Marina De Munck, Gurvan Grall, Gwenaëlle Guillemot de Nerville, Pierre Lac, Maxence Moulin and Luana Montabonel / Dance with matter / 30min

Opus 4 :
Cie La Muette – L’Homme-Orchestre / 30min

With company La Mue/tte and La Main Tenant, association of the ESNAM students. In partnership with Ma Ville à Vélo 08 and FRAP*

*(Force de réhabilitation des ardennes et de son patrimoine industriel)

Thursday 13th April at 7pm at Banana Joe
Friday 14th April at 7pm at Chi Fu Mi

“Tire-toi de mon herbe Bambi !” by La Cour Singulière

Silly and metaphorical little Fable about the spirit of property, the fear of others and our ambiguous relationship to nature.

A couple decides to settle in the middle of the forest, tempted by the return to the earth. But very quickly comes a disturbing element, a family of deer who comes to trample their pretty lawn. Thus provoking a safe delirium that will push them to exceed the limits of reason… An arm wrestling between them and Mother Nature is engaged.

Free admission, from 7 years, duration 20 minutes.

Photo credit: Delphine Joseph and Louise Lehmann

Friday 24 march 2023
6.30pm at Plaque Tournante
9pm at ESNAM

With 3 wild, offbeat and poetic short forms:

How Gargantua was born in a very strange way (10 min)
By Pedro Hermelin-Vélez (edible puppets)

The fork (10 min)
By Pierre Lac
Writing and direction : Pedro Hermelin-Vélez

How long does the hard sheep shear (1m30)
Immersive visual and sound show for a spectator.
By Maxence Moulin

All this followed by a concert at 9:30 pm!

Free entrance
Photo : How Gargantua was born in a very strange way – Pedro Hermelin-Vélez – ESNAM 13
© Hervé Dapremont

Friday 10 February 2023
7pm at Vert d’eau
10pm at Kindling pub

“3 little pigs” by the Theatre Magnetic from Belgium

Three little pigs a little lost build their houses near the forest.
But in the forest, it smells like fir trees, because a wolf lives there, and he is clever!
The popular story is here revisited in an offbeat object theater thanks to the imagination of an exalted narrator. He scratches with humor the varnish of good feelings that enamel the watered-down version known to all.

Conception, writing, direction, scenography: Bernard Boudru; Acting: Bernard Boudru, Boudru Bernard (alternating); Lighting design: Dimitri Joukovsky under the enlightened eye of Bernard Boudru; External eyes: Isabelle Darras and Karine Birgé; Assistant to the scenography: Bernard Boudru; Photos: Christine Villeneuve (she is Bernard Boudru’s wife); Construction of the structure of the set: Bernard Boudru; Graphic design: Michel Boudru (the brother of…); Diffusion: My-Linh Bui (the wife of the cousin of…)

Free entrance
Show from 6 years old | Duration 20′

Friday 27 janvier 2023
7pm at Vert Bock
10pm Chez Josette

With 3 short performances:

Voyage en Mer
By Elise Cornille, Luana Montabonel and Marina de Munck
A text by Steinbeck, a song by Les Fourmis dans la main and a personal text by Marina de Munck.
A marine epic. The sun rises on the port. He dreams of the open sea.
(Carried puppet – duration: about 10′)

Croire aux fauves
By Gwenaelle Guillebot de Nerville
Based on the eponymous novel by Nastassja Martin.
Two beings meet and metamorphose each other, leaving bits and pieces along the way.
(Length: 5′)

Joyeux anniversaire
By Elise Cornille, Melody Shanty Mahe, Clara Climent I Canchal
Oh thank you for coming in such numbers.
(Tabletop puppets – length: 10′)

Free entrance
Photo: Croire aux fauves – Gwenaëlle Guillebot de Nerville – Précipité / ESNAM 13 © Hervé Dapremont

Friday 16 December 2022
7.30pm at la Péniche
10.30pm Chez Marithé – bistrot des chineurs

“Mytho Perso”, by the company Les Becs Verseurs, is a short show of storytelling and object theatre in which Greek mythology is presented as a big family where everyone is a bit of a mytho. The glitter of Olympus is displayed here in a cheap tat, paper tablecloths and plastic dishes. Through the stories of the great ones, the gods, the story of the little ones, the men, is told.
For the direction, Myriam Gautier is accompanied by Olivier Rannou (Bakélite Company) and Emma Lloyd (Scopitone et Cie).

Storytelling and objets theatre / French / Length : 30 min / All audiences from 8 years old

Writing and performance: Myriam Gautier ; External eye: Olivier Rannou and Emma Lloyd

Friday 28 October 2022
7pm Chez Georges
10pm at la Bourbonade

Seu Geraldo is a guitarist who spends his life travelling, singing and telling stories to the audience. He is an old man with a special style from Brazil. This is a musical improvisation show with a string puppet that, despite its complexity, seems to be a real little living person.

String puppet / French / Length: 30 min / All audiences

Concept and play: Eduardo Felix ; Music: Marcos Costa ; Costumes: Maria do Céu Viana

Friday 16 September 2022
8pm at Banana Joe
10pm at Vert Bock

The Manipophone: a singing tour of the biggest stars from the late 30s to the early 60s, with Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour, Elvis Presley, Dario Moreno, Jacques Brel… among others!

Muppets / French and english songs / Length: 25 minutes / From 5 years old

By and with: Antonin Lebrun and Yoann Pencolé