Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes

Support for creation

Le Festival soutient la création. Il accompagne durablement les artistes et les compagnies au niveau national et international, à travers un apport financier et/ou un accueil en résidence de recherche et de création.

Companies supported in 2024-2025

© Collectif Aïe Aïe Aïe
  • 2024-2025

Collectif Aïe Aïe Aïe (France)

After Ersatz and Supergravity, Julien Mellano takes on a new subject of anticipation in the wake of his cross-cutting interest in science and fiction. He turns his attention to cloning, and more specifically to the fantastic figure of the human clone, as he embarks a team of Jean-Clone in a biotechnological imbroglio as obscure as it is improbable.
Co-production support / Creation November 2024

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© Pierre-Yves Jortay
  • 2024-2025

Cie Belova – Iacobelli (Chile / Belgium)

“Une Traversée”
Une Traversée depicts a child’s journey through disaster through play, where in her fiction, reality is revealed unvarnished. In the absurd logic of fantasy, the origins of discourse are explored, and the manipulation of words is reversed, losing its power. Starting with the child in a migration situation, the show creates a link with the reality that concerns us all. The unfolding chapters of La Traversée du miroir take us through the stages of adaptation to today’s world in a playful, offbeat way.
Co-production support / Creation March 2025

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© Antonin Lebrun
  • 2024-2025

La poupée qui brûle (France)

“Richard III”
Richard, last brother of King Edward IV, Duke of Gloucester, was born deformed and crippled. Consumed by ambition, he racked up a string of murders and made his way to the throne of England, becoming King Richard.
Richard III is the bloodthirsty rise and fall of a tyrant born of the chaos of an era troubled by civil war. In this adaptation of Shakespeare’s work, dance, acting and puppetry combine to show the interplay of power, manipulation, betrayal and revolution.
Co-production support / Creation January 2025

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détail de Portrait d’une femme de Lucas Cranach l’Ancien
  • 2024-2025

Cie Mossoux-Bonté (Belgium)

“Les dernières hallucinations de Lucas Cranach l’Ancien”
Inspired by the world of German Renaissance painter Lucas Cranach the Elder, the show explores the troubled attitudes of characters haunted by convulsive memories of a previous existence. Figures appear behind a trompe l’oeil wall pierced with windows, creating tableaux vivants in an atmosphere dominated by humor, eroticism and the mystery of presence.
Co-production support / Creation december 2024

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© Juliette Lamas
  • 2024-2025

Fléchir le Vide en Avant (France)

“Aquarium Fraîche Fontaine”
Puppetry & text in alexandrines, like a revisited medieval chanson de geste, Aquarium Fraîche Fontaine is a science-fiction show that explores the possibilities of a lesbo-queer mythology that begins like this: El lives on earth. El is human. One day, a rift tears space-time above her city. El is sucked into it. The rift spits her out over Aquariae 2-F, a sensual, erotic and intriguing planet-island. (…)
Support through a residency / Creation in 2026

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© Florence Garcia
  • 2024-2025

Avant l’Averse (France)

“Nos Conquêtes”
An object theater trilogy about those who don’t have the power. Who are on the wrong side: the dominated, the invisible, and who have fought to obtain better situations. It’s a story of good news. The first part tells the story of the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
Support through a residency / Creation July 2024

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© DR
  • 2024-2025

Elvis Alatac (France)

“Semeurs de panique”
Author: Mathilde Souchaud
The world is burning, temperatures are exploding, peasants are committing suicide in despair, and a young girl named Jo, accompanied by Gentiane, her pet frog, set off in search of a magic deer capable of regenerating what has died. They battle against Despéranda, who has led the adults to abandon this earthly paradise to greed and destruction.
Support through a residency / Creation last quarter of 2025

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© DR
  • 2024-2025

En verre et contre tout (France)

“L’Histoire d’un.e Autre”
For this new creation, the company is tackling the construction of the “Other”, the invention of the “savage”, which combines human exhibitions and scientific research into “races”. Through shadow and projection theater, paper theater and slam, the show questions the legacy of this vision of the Other.
Support through a residency/ Creation first half of 2025

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  • 2024-2025


“L’Isle aux Singes”
L’Isle aux Singes, the reverie of a mysterious music group, plunges into Western monkey imagery and shares its journey with us. A musical and hallucinatory ritual, sometimes grotesque, L’Isle aux Singes invites us, in a protean language borrowing from ethology, cinema and pop culture, to return to the wild, where humans make way and observe.
Support through a residency / Creation January 2025

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© Aline Chappron
  • 2024-2025

Fanny Bouffort (France)

“Déplacer les montagnes”
Inspired by a geological fault, this miniature-scale landscape installation is an invitation to pass beneath the earth’s crust, to slip through the crack, to compose, assemble, make and unmake the landscape, to literally move mountains. To cross the landscape is to transform it, to modify it, to leave a trace of one’s passage.
 The installation is made up of dozens of hand-crafted objects in chestnut, cherry, pine and beech; inspired by the shape of Scandinavian runes, they represent humanist ideas and concepts, interlocking, dissociating and assembling endlessly.
Residency in a crèche / Creation autumn 2024

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