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Specific actions

We have the pleasure of meeting a wide variety of puppet audiences and adapting our shows to suit them.
For more information, contact Cécile Purière at  03 24 59 70 62 or

Workshops at the prison

The FMTM is working in partnership with the Service Pénitentiaire d’Insertion et de Probation des Ardennes at Charleville prison. Puppeteers Eve Bigontina, Rik Faria de Oliveira Da Silva and Elisza Peressoni-Ribeiro helped prisoners to create and manipulate puppets. Photographs taken by Hervé Dapremont ans the participants provide an insight into these workshops. During the Festival, a show will be performed for people in detention.

Health & culture

Aurélie Hubeau presents an exhibition at the IIM as part of a project conducted with the patients of the Bélair Hospital. She went to meet alcohol- dependent women and recorded their testimonies. Following a sound work and puppet workshops.
These works will be exhibited from 16 to 24 September at the Institut International de la Marionnette.

RATP Foundation

As part of their sponsorship, the RATP foundation and the TAC are making three buses available to the Festival.. In conjunction with Cultures du Cœur, the FMTM offers these seats to local associations and social organisations.