Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes
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Early childhood

Early childhood, from birth to age 3, is a very important period in the development of babies and children. For this audience and those who accompany them (parents, nursery nurses and educators) we offer a first approach to the art of puppetry.

Our aim is to encourage encounters between very young children and artists through artist residencies in nurseries. Our aim is to encourage encounters between young children and artists through artists’ residencies in day nurseries. So, from the earliest age, while respecting children and the pace of their learning, we offer art to help turn them into sensitive, tolerant adults.

Through objects, children discover the world through their senses and the gestures they learn in collaboration with creative artists through the Passerelle programme and the crèche artistique.

There are also children’s and parents’ workshops for the very young, as well as programming for this audience during Temps d’M and the Festival Mondial.

Le FMTM développe des actions envers la petite enfance tout au long de l’année avec les « crèches artistiques ».
Des compagnies en création passent deux semaines dans une crèche pour expérimenter en direct, avec les enfants et celles qui les encadrent. Trois sessions ont lieu par an au Berceau d’Arthur, multi-accueil de Charleville-Mézières et à la crèche Les Moussaillons de Mouzon en partenariat avec la CAF des Ardennes.

The artistic nursery

The FMTM develops activities for young children throughout the year with its “artistic nurseries”.
Creative companies spend two weeks in a crèche, experimenting live with the children and their carers. Three sessions a year are held at Berceau d’Arthur, a multi-accueil centre in Charleville-Mézières, and at Les Moussaillons crèche in Mouzon, in partnership with the CAF des Ardennes.