Early childhood

Early childhood, between birth and the child’s third birthday, is a very important period in the development of babies and children. For this public and those who accompany them (parents, nursery nurses and educators) we propose a first approach to puppetry.
We wish to encourage encounters between young children and artists through artists’ residencies in nurseries. We therefore propose, from the youngest age, in the respect of the child and the rhythm of its learning, art to contribute to make them sensitive and tolerant adults.
Through the object, the child discovers the world, through the senses and gestures that he learns in connection with artists in creation through the Passerelle device and the artistic crèche.
In addition, there are children’s and parents’ workshops for the very young, as well as a programme for this audience during Temps d’M and the Festival Mondial.

Temps d’M events around early childhood

Past event

Workshop children-parents 0 to 3 years old

6 months to 3 years

  • Médiathèque Voyelles

15 september 2022

Duration: 1h

Past event
  • Les Zerkiens

Sous la table

From 6 months old

  • Espace Festival

From 16 to 18 september 2022

Duration: 40min

Artistic nursery

Inviting companies in the midst of creating a show for toddlers to work in a crèche for a fortnight. The puppeteers link their artistic work to the moments of experimentation carried out with the children in the crèche. Around materials and objects

Passerelle (bridge)

The Passerelle scheme, developed in Charleville-Mézières in the Ronde Couture district, aims to bring artists into places where young children are cared for and into nursery schools. Workshops were conducted with two artistic teams in two crèches, three schools, the RAM, the PMI and the social centre.