Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes
  • Le Friiix Club · France


Past event
©Apolline Clapson
  • Thursday 21 September, 08:30-08:55, Mantova
  • Thursday 21 September, 10:00-10:25, Mantova
  • Thursday 21 September, 11:00-11:25, Mantova
  • Thursday 21 September, 15:30-15:55, Mantova
  • Thursday 21 September, 16:30-16:55, Mantova


From 1 year old

Without words

  • Objects theatre


This show replaces the T’es qui toi dis? show originally scheduled. 

Kiboko and Kiboko are two dolls, but they don’t know it. They meet one day. One would like to play the other’s game and the other is not what is expected of him. Kiboko wants to play with a ball and fight with a sword, but she can’t do that. Kiboko would like not to play with the sword and to be able to cry, but he can’t. A boy. A girl. This is what Kiboko and Kiboko discover. 

Acting and direction: Frédéric Feliciano
Collaborative eye: Joëlle Nogues
Set design: Maureen Brown
Construction: Frédéric Dyonnet
Composition: Jacques Ballu
Communication, distribution and production: Tiphaine Vilain
Administration and production: Apolline Clapson

Production: Le Friiix Club / Ville de Bordeaux / Département de la Gironde / Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Support: Le Kinosaki International Arts Center