Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes
  • Cirka Teater · Norvège

Petit lion

French premiere
Past event
© Gilles Berger
  • Saturday 23 September, 09:30-10:05, Citadelle
  • Saturday 23 September, 15:00-15:35, Citadelle
  • Saturday 23 September, 17:00-17:35, Citadelle
  • Sunday 24 September, 10:00-10:35, Citadelle
  • Sunday 24 September, 16:00-16:35, Citadelle
  • Sunday 24 September, 18:00-18:35, Citadelle


4 to 8 years

Without words

  • Carried puppets

A little lion has a big urge to play. When suddenly a piece of paper appears, he starts hunting. Strange animal figures appear and our little lion gets plenty of surprises. “Little Lion” is a tribute to curiosity and imagination for all ages!

Design: Cirka Teater
Handling and acting: Espen Dekko, Anne Marit Sæther
Puppet design: Tatjana Zaitzow
Set design and outside view: Gilles Berger
Music: Martin Smidt

Support: Norsk Kulturråd / Trondheim Kommune