Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes
  • Drolatic Industry · ESNAM 5

Les histoires de poche de Molly Biquette

  • Saturday 21 September, 11:00-11:30, Espace Festival
  • Saturday 21 September, 16:00-16:30, Espace Festival
  • Sunday 22 September, 12:00-13:00, Espace Festival


From 3 years old


  • Carried puppets

Molly Biquette’s pocket stories are three short stories that explore the relationship between puppeteer and puppet, through the philosophical questions posed by an old goat. How was I born? What is a friend? Why are we different? Molly is aimed at toddlers aged 3 and over, and reflects on the world around her with the complicity and mischief of her creator.

Writing (in collaboration with Gigi Bigot): Gilles Debenat and Maud Gérard; Direction and performance: Gilles Debenat and Maud Gérard (alternating); Construction: Gilles Debenat; Music: Wenceslas Hervieux

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