Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes

La Macérienne opens its doors for the JEP

Past event
  • Saturday 17 September, 10:00-01:30, La Macérienne - Le Club

On the occasion of the European Heritage Days, FRAP (Friends of the Macérienne Clément-Bayard and FLAP) opens the doors of the Macérienne and offers you a whole day of festivities on Saturday 17 September: guided tours, an escape game, concerts organised by Karlsstadt as well as a puppet show in partnership with the Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes.

M as Marionette and Music

We promise you a mega slap in the face with the same wind blown at full power by the masters of WorldWide Pop, who break the boundaries and set fire to each of their releases!
🕰 20h – 21h

In this small village in the Ardennes, peace reigns. Daniel is just a little agitated, but he has just received a new medicine. Everything should go well…
A table and a few objects are all it takes to reinvent B movies in the theatre. Reality gradually unravels and one murder follows another…

>> CONCERT : BOROKOV BOROKOV / cocktail Techno-House-Disco
A cocktail that sets the stage on fire, in an 8-handed live performance from which no one leaves unscathed.
🕰 22h – 23h

>> DJ Set : PSÜKHA / Techno
If she was able to conquer the crowds during the Kermesse Radio tempête at La Villette or the Mazette in Paris, she will know how to charm you and take you on board in her ambient and aerial universe for a set that promises to be fiery.
🕰 23h30 – 1h