Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes
  • Compagnie Singe Diesel · France

Chemin des métaphores

World premiere
Past event
© Compagnie Singe Diesel
  • Tuesday 19 September, 14:00-14:45, Mantova
  • Tuesday 19 September, 18:00-18:45, Mantova
  • Wednesday 20 September, 10:00-10:45, Mantova
  • Wednesday 20 September, 16:00-16:45, Mantova


From 5 years old


  • On table puppets

To the rhythm of the encounters and adventures sown on the initiatory journey of an old man, between forest and funfair, all the magic and poetry of the universe of Singe Diesel unfolds, with puppets of an emotional force as striking as ever, and in a sound landscape created live by Vincent Roudaut.

Tuesday 19 at 2pm meeting with the artists after the show.

Concept, writing, acting and handling: Juan Perez Escala
Musical creation: Vincent Roudaut
Dramaturgical accompaniment: Serge Boulier
Puppet construction: Juan Perez Escala, Eglantine Quellier
Set design: Vincent Bourcier
Lighting design: Guillaume De Smeytere

Production: Compagnie Singe Diesel
Coproduction: Très Tôt Théâtre in Quimper (29) / Théâtre à la coque CNMa in Hennebont (56) / Espace Jéliote CNMa in Oloron(64) / Centre Culturel L’Intervalle in Noyal (35) / Service culturel de Gouesnou (29) / Le Grain de Sel in Séné (56) / Festival Prom’nons nous du Pays de Vannes (56) / With the support of La Maison du Théâtre in Brest
Cie Singe Diesel is an artist-member of Coopérarive 109 and is supported by the commune of Guilers.