Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes
  • 13e promotion ESNAM · France

Cartes blanches #2 CAS DE FIGURE

© Marina De Munck
  • Wednesday 18 September, 17:00-17:35, ESNAM
  • Thursday 19 September, 17:00-17:35, ESNAM


From 12 years old


  • Corps marionnettisé
  • Muppets

How do the different narratives that our society produces around the figure of the artist impact on us? To explore this question, journalist Nina Bombyx has created the ‘Cas de Figure’ concept, a programme that invites artists to test the distance between themselves and their work. This time, it’s a pop star who’s come to try the experiment: the interview will provoke a succession of questions. When the lines become blurred between the artist, the public and the work, we come to wonder about the intimate and extimate links between these three entities.

Written by Raphaël Dupuy, Melody Shanty Mahe and Pedro Hermelin Vélez; Directed by Raphaël Dupuy; Assistant Director: Pedro Hermelin Vélez; Assistant Dramaturg: Melody Shanty Mahe; Performed by: Pedro Hermelin Vélez, Melody Shanty Mahe and Gurvan Grall; Puppet design: Inès Dill–Camara; Puppet and costume design: Inès Dill–Camara, Gurvan Grall, Raphaël Dupuy, Melody Shanty Mahe and Pedro Hermelin Vélez; Musical creation: Melody Shanty Mahe; Lighting design: Antoine Lenoir and Gurvan Grall.

Carte Blanche, end-of-studies project produced as part of the 3rd year at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts de la Marionnette.