Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes
  • Ariel Doron · Israël, Allemagne


Past event
© André Wirsig
  • Wednesday 20 September, 14:00-14:25, La Macérienne - La Forge
  • Wednesday 20 September, 16:00-16:25, La Macérienne - La Forge
  • Wednesday 20 September, 18:00-18:25, La Macérienne - La Forge


From 9 years old

Without words

  • Objects theatre

In this hilarious, inventive solo performance, the acclaimed artist uses his right arm as a foreign artifact stemming out of a shoebox! Clownish at first, the device becomes gradually threatening, turning against the puppeteer, expressing the difficulty of connecting to oneself and with the world.

In partnership with Frap as part of Échappée Belle #2

Direction and acting: Ariel Doron
Dramaturgy: Tobias Tönjes
Artistic consultation: Shahar Marom , Florian Feisel, Roni Nelken Mosenson
Outside view, advice: Clara Pallau Herrero, Aurélie Strohmaier, Sanni Lotzch, Mai Aylon, Sharon Gabay, Joachim Fleischer, Jan Jedenak, Frederike Miller, Sarah Chaudon, Gerda Knoche, Gildas Coustier, Marius Moses, Ari Teperberg, Inbal Yomtovian, Charlotte Wilde, Michael Vogel, Laila Betterman, Christiane Guhr, Nane Rotfuchs, Sabine Köhler, Heiki Ikkola

Coproduction, support: Figurentheatre Festival Erlangen / Hanut 31 Theatre Gallery Tel Aviv / FITZ! / Figurentheatre Zentrum Stuttgart