Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes
  • Bence Sarkadi Theater of Marionettes · Hongrie

Bench-time stories

Past event
© Balázs Szigeti
  • Thursday 15 September, 22:00, Église Saint-Rémi


From 16 years old

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  • String puppets

Bench-Time Stories is a one-man show centered around different benches where characters meet, fall in love or fight their battles. Bence Sarkadi shows off an impressive array of skills with his hand made marionettes, combining humor, solemnity and surprising plot twists in a cycle of short stories.

Co-creators: Bence Sarkadi and Balázs Szigeti
Manipulation: Bence Sarkadi

Thanks to: Sophia Kálmán, Jadwiga Sitnicka, Zsuzsanna Schubert, Emil Hollerbach

© Balázs Szigeti