Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes
  • Big Up Compagnie · ESNAM 9

Barionnette #4

© Virginie Meigé
  • Saturday 21 September, 19:00-19:30, Le Vert Bock
  • Saturday 21 September, 21:00-21:30, Le Vert Bock


  • Objects theatre

Object side story

During this atypical blind test, the music will only be a clue, and the Big Up compagnie will use objects to help you guess the titles and performers of the songs. Somewhere between synchronised swimming, karaoke and duck fishing, two puppeteer presenters, Lulu and Cordy, will give you a festive moment in object theatre.

Design: Lucie Hanoy and Thomas Cordeiro; Performance: Lucie Hanoy, Laura Fedida and Thomas Cordeiro alternating; Costume design: Marie La Rocca

Production: Big Up Compagnie; Co-production: Le Sablier – Centre National de la marionnette, Ifs et Dives-sur-Mer