• Portés Disparus · Biélorussie, France

La Forêt ça n’existe pas & De plus en plus de rien

Past event
© Corentin Praud
  • Thursday 15 September, 15:00, Médiathèque Voyelles
  • Thursday 15 September, 19:00, Médiathèque Voyelles
  • Friday 16 September, 14:00, Médiathèque Voyelles
  • Friday 16 September, 18:30, Médiathèque Voyelles


From 6 years old


  • On table puppets

“La Forêt ça n’existe pas”

It tells about the friendship of two companions of misfortune, locked in a box; about the circle of misery endured by two animals, a monkey and a sloth. What are they here for?

“De plus en plus de rien”

A tiny patch of soil sees the fate of a spotted hyena and an earthworm. As the last living creatures, they feel the earth disappearing under themselves.

Direction, construction, interpretation: Kristina Dementeva and Pierre Dupont
Outside look (La Forêt ça n’existe pas): Lou Simon
Outside look (De plus en plus de rien): Faustine Lancel and Lou Simon
Production and support: Théâtre Halle Roublot
Coproduction: Festival MARTO