22nd edition

16 to 24 September 2023

The FMTM is the largest puppet theatre festival in the world since 1961.

It also organizes “Temps d’M”  which took place from 14th to 18th September 2022.

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Workshop for adults

Workshop from 16 years old / amateur public
led by the company La Cour Singulière
Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 April 2023
Object theatre is about telling stories, sharing emotions and moments of poetry using objects which, because of their symbolic power, become real partners in the game.


Child puppet workshop

During the Easter holidays, come and create your own little shadow theatre! Build your silhouettes, your screen and tell your own story while learning how to manipulate the set.
From 7 years old
Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 April 2023


A season in puppetry #1

A semester of puppet shows in Charleville-Mézières, accessible to young and old, to amateurs and enthusiasts, from January to July 2023. The gathering of the programs of the International Institute of Puppetry and the World Festival of Puppet Theaters. Check out the program!