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Volunteers and hosts

The FMTM is getting organized, it’s time to create the teams! You can take part to the organization as a volunteer through different services: welcome the artists, guide the public, serve at the bar or the store, sell tickets for shows, transport companies…

Host puppeteers from all over the world!

For any question, please contact us now at +33 (0)3 24 59 81 06 or

Artists welcome office

Welcome the companies during the festival!
The opportunity for you to discover artists and meet people from all over the world!

Your mission is to guide the artists upon their arrival.

Special Skills:
Comfortable with foreign languages
Good knowledge of  Charleville-Mézières

Hall entrances

You are positioned at the entrance of the performance halls to check tickets and help spectators to settle in.

Special Skills:
Love to see shows!

Public reception

You like to be in contact with the visitors, this service is for you!

You help festival-goers and provide them with all practical information related to the festival.

Special skills:
Know everything about everything!
Basic knowledge of several languages is a plus

Ticket office

Located in the heart of the festival, at the Espace Lebon, you are in charge of selling tickets to the public.

You also have to advise festival-goers on the shows.

Special skills:
Know how to tame the computer tool!

Artistic advisors

As close as possible to the festival-goers, become their guide in their quest for shows!

With the ticketing team, your mission is to advise festival-goers among the hundred or so shows scheduled.

Special skills:
Knowing how to advise a show even if you didn’t enjoy it!
(Everyone has different tastes🤷‍♀️)


You like to drive and have a privileged contact with the artists? Choose the transport service.

You are in charge of transporting the companies between the airports, train stations, accommodation places… and the festival.

Special skills:
Have a driver’s license!

Food & bike

By bike, you’ll be responsible for collecting artists’ meals and transporting them to their performance venues when necessary.

Special skills :
Have a bike


At the Lebon Bar, the festive place of the event, you serve drinks to festival goers.

Special skills:
Know how to serve a beer!


Here, it’s simple, the goal is to sell the merchandising of the festival. For the commercials in the soul, this service is ideal!

Special skills:
Be a good seller!


Accompany companies in the public area and manage the attendance of spectators during performances.

Special Skills:
Basic knowledge of several languages is a plus
Enjoy mingling with the crowd!

Artistic and cultural education actions

In direct contact with the puppeteers and the public, you help during the workshops organized during the festival.
Accompany children and adults create their puppet and during the manipulation.

Special skills:
Enjoy being in contact with diverse audiences!

Distribution of documents

In support of the communication service, you distribute the communication materials to the shops of Charleville-Mézières, and you help to instal the festival signage.

Special skills:
Have easy contact and like to run around the city!


If you have a place to stay or a room available, let the artists benefit from it!

A particularity of the festival, practiced for more than 50 years, hosting in the homes of local people offers a moment of conviviality and sharing with companies from all over the world.

Special skills :
Know how to make a good coffee!
Basic knowledge of several languages is a plus